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We're sorry for the strange appearance of our website - we're working on it! For easily accessed information please refer to our Facebook Page:

Survivors' Network is a registered charity that aims to reduce sexual violence and its impact on survivors' lives. We are a fully accredited member of Rape Crisis England and Wales and are the Rape Crisis Centre for Sussex.

We understand that a healing journey starts with a small step and are here to help you.

We know that it takes a lot of courage to seek help for the effects of sexual abuse. There is no right or wrong way to feel afterwards and there is no fixed time for recovery.

No-one ever asks to be raped or is responsible for the attack in any way.

We believe that with the right support you can heal from your experiences. 

This website has more information about Survivors' Network and our services. If you can’t find the information you need please contact us on 01273 203380 or email

Our building is women-only on Monday evenings and all day on Thursdays



Join Our Management Committee

Survivors Network is a registered charity, based in Sussex, which aims to reduce sexual violence and its impact on survivors’ lives. We offer a range of services to survivors who have experienced any form of sexual violence.


We are fully accredited members of Rape Crisis England and Wales and are the Rape Crisis Centre for Sussex.


Survivors' Knitwork - Casting On


Creating a shared scarf to highlight sexual violence and support survivors.


Inspired by the writings of Nina Burrowes, and the illustrations in her book ‘The Courage to Be Me’ comes an exciting new project: Survivors’ Knitwork.


A Sad Day for The Beautiful Game

Today is a sad day for The Beautiful Game but an opportunity for football to lead the way.


The announcement that convicted rapist Ched Evans will return to training with Sheffield United FC may not come as a surprise but it is no less depressing for that.  To those arguing that he has served his time and has a right to rehabilitation, please remember 1) he has only served the custodial portion of his sentence, not all of it and 2) the first stage of rehabilitation must surely involve an acknowledgement of guilt and remorse, neither of which he has shown.

Survivor Consultation - Have your say

If you are a survivor we know that you are the expert in your recovery and would like your help in shaping the future of support for Survivors of Sexual Violence


Hearing your views will help us understand what is important and works well about the current services, as well as identify any gaps or areas where things could be better.  


Charity Chuckle

We are delighted that, as part of the 16 Days to End Violence Against Women, Charity Chuckle will be holding a special evening of comedy to raise money for Survivors' Network and Rise on December 9th. For more information, and to buy your ticket,