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Consent in the City

Conent in the City is a new campaign, launched and being driven forward by Ruth Mason. It has been inspired by the surge in interest in erotic literature such as the 50 shades trilogy. The campaign will ask if the novels influence how people regard consent. With the help of City Reads, a reading list of 7 novels with a range of sexual encounters has been compiled. Residents are asked to consider these different representations of sex and post reviews and comments on the Consent in the City blog.


It is apparent with the media coverage around cases such as Ched Evans, Rolf Harris and other high profile celebrities, that consent means different things to different people. There seems to be little consensus about what  sexual consent constitutes, or understanding of what the law says.


You can also join in the discussion on twitter @BtnConsent.


The campaign will culminate in a live debate at the Old Court House on the afternoon of February 14th.   This coincides with the UK release of 50 Shades of Gray.  It will be chared by Holly Dustin from EVAW and has some stonking panellists!    Full line up will be announced soon.  Tickets are £5 and will be available to buy online shortly.  


This campaign is supported by RISE and Survivors Network so please join in and open up the discussion.    


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