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Exploring invisible crimes and victimisations: a call for research participants

Project Aims:

What is the nature and extent of recorded sexual violence in the army?

How does this differ to that which is unreported?


This research will further develop the work by Jupp et al and the recent work of Davies et al. They propose that crime and harm remains hidden because there is: no knowledge (there is little individual or public knowledge that the crime has been committed); no statistics (official statistics fail to record or classify the crime); no theory (criminologists and others neglect to explain the crime, its existence and its causes); no research (such crimes are not the object of social research, either in terms of their causes or their control); no control (there are no formal or systematic mechanisms for the control of such crimes); no politics (such crimes do not appear as a significant part of the public political agenda); and finally, no panic! (such crimes are not constituted as moral panics and their perpetrators are not portrayed as folk devils).


Further analysis will focus upon the role of the body and the state (two of the proposed typologies from Davie et al). We hypothesise in the case of sexual violence morality and ethics are powers that make individual instances of victimisation invisible, but also that systemic power, such as that of the state embodied here as the military, creates conditions for victimisation to be hidden from scrutiny.


Participation: We will be asking questions regarding the nature and extent of sexual violence in the British Army and the rules, regulations and victim services governing these incidents. As a participant you have rights under the Data Protection Act 1998, which entitles you to withdraw your permission at any time with no explanation needed. You may have access to the information about the research and ask questions at any time. Please contact Dr Tanya Wyatt (; 0191-227-4015) or Dr Pamela Davies (; 0191-227-4650).


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