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How can we help


If you have experienced sexual violence at any point in your life, we are here for you. It can be happening now, have happened recently or have happened a long time ago – if you are a survivor of sexual violence, we can offer you help, support, advice and counselling.


We will listen without judgement. We will believe without question. We are here for you.


You may also find this self-help guide useful.


We are a small team of staff and volunteers and offer a range of services including a Drop-in and helpline, 1-1 counselling, work specifically targeted at young people and an Independent Sexual Violence Advisory (ISVA) service to help those who have, or are considering, reporting to the police. For more information about any of these please click on the buttons to the left.


We also offer advice and information to professionals, friends, partners and family members supporting survivors. Please note that the helpline is emotional support and sign-posting only. Advocacy referrals should be sent to


We deliver training to external organisations on a range of topics related to sexual violence and also have both counselling and meeting rooms for hire.