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Support for Men and Boys


Rape and sexual abuse can happen to anyone regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, culture or social status. Being raped or sexually assaulted is a shocking experience for anyone and male victims also have to deal with the fact that many people wrongly think that only women are affected. Survivors' Network provide a number of services for Men and Boys and can refer survivors to other organisations for further support.


We provide the following support for men and boys:


Independent Advocacy


Young People's Counselling for young people of any gender aged from 14 to 18


Helpline for trans men (See Sunday helpline details)


Other Sources of Support


Mankind Counselling, based in Hove, East Sussex provide counselling to men (18+) who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and/or adult sexual assault at any time in their lives


Survivors UK provides information, support and counselling for men who have been raped or sexually abused


West Yorkshire Survivors have produced this Self Help Guide for Males Who Have Been Sexually Abused. It includes information for men, their partners, family, friends and service providers


Victim Support have a helpline for male victims of sexual or domestic violence: 0800 328 3623 


The Lesbian and Gay Foundation (LGF) have produced some information for gay and bisexual men who have been affected by sexual violence. You can access it here