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#SupportSurvivors in 2015

2014 has seen so many high profile rape and sexual abuse cases, bringing the experiences of survivors to people's newspapers and TV screens, but so often the message that has come with this reporting is one of disbelief and judgement. We are committed to supporting survivors to know that they are believed, to know that there is no wrong or right way to react to violence enacted against them, and to begin their journey to recovery. So this New Year we want to make a clear promise of what we will do in 2015 to make a difference in the world of survivors of sexual violence.


We're launching a hashtag campaign encouraging as many people as possible to make New Year's Resolutions of simple, practical and realistic things that they can do to help stand up to sexual violence and/or to support those affected by sexual violence. These resolutions will then be tweeted from our account with the hashtag #supportsurvivors2015


Will you join us?


You can incorporate the hashtag into tweets such as "I will #SupportSurvivors2015 by challenging rape jokes" or "I will #SupportSurvivors2015 by volunteering with Survivors' Network"


We'd like to have some pictures to start off the tweets and have a whiteboard in our office to write the messages on, so if you're going to be in Central Brighton on Monday December 22nd, then swing by, make your pledge and we'll be delighted to reward you with biscuits and mince pies....


If you can't come by you can still get involved by:


1. Writing your resolution on a piece of paper, including the hashtag, taking a photo and emailing it to

2. Tweeting one yourself using the hashtag and including @SurvivorsNetBtn so that we can retweet it

3. Emailing a statement over to so we can tweet it on your behalf. We could keep this anonymous if you'd prefer


Please do spread the word, and pass this on as far as possible


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