ISVA Services for children

Children’s Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (CISVA) Information for adults

The Survivors’ Network Children’s Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (CISVA) offers information and support to children aged 0-13 who have experienced rape and sexual assault and to their families.

  • The CISVA offers support whenever it is needed, which could be in the immediate aftermath of an assault or years after.
  • We offer support on a range of issues relating to the offence including reporting to the police, access to counseling, as well as liaising with other agencies, including children’s services, police, nursery, school, housing etc.
  • The CISVA will initially speak with the parent/carer to identify the issues they feel they would like support with and work out a support plan to address these. The CISVA will then meet with the child and depending on the age of the child look at support available and talk through their concerns and help them to understand what is going on and to feel central to the process.
  • We are independent from the police and children’s services. We will not tell you what to do and we offer a confidential service. There are some exceptions and these are outlined in our confidentiality policy. The CISVA will make sure you understand these and answer any questions you might have before you start work together.
  • We are a user led service. This means we only support you if and when you ask us to. We are here to help you represent your views and wishes.
  • The CISVA is able to offer face to face, telephone, text or email support depending on what you need. The support we offer might be a short term, targeted piece of work, telephone support, or the CISVA might work with a client over a more sustained period of time, offering more regular face to face contact structured by an agreed support plan.
  • The CISVA will be able to organize pre-trial visits to court and support throughout the court process.
  • The CISVA can support you if you live anywhere in Sussex.

For more information please contact us on: 01273 203380 or email info@survivorsnetwork.org.uk