Dedicate: Goal Setting Group

Would you like support in making a change? Would you like help achieving your goals?

Dedicate is a small, closed group for adult self-identified women survivors of sexual abuse, violence or harassment, who wish to set intentions and achieved various goals in their life.

Three workshops are run over a 3-month period. These will look at how to set a goal, how new habits are formed, challenges with change and how to maintain progress.

Dedicate helps women plan for how best to achieve their goal and work with their intentions. Each woman will work at her own pace without pressure. We encourage good self-care throughout the course. We aim to promote kindness to ourselves and seek to support each from other, especially if goals face challenges and obstacles.

Dedicate is not a therapeutic group. You will not be asked to discuss any of your past experiences.   We currently run these sessions online only.

There are three workshops over three months.  Attendees will be asked to attend all three to get the most out of the service.  There will be two ‘check in’ sessions that are attended voluntarily.

If you are interested, please refer yourself to our Welcome Team here . You will be invited to have an assessment within about 2-weeks, where you can find out about other support, we have available.

If you have already had an assessment with our Welcome Team, please email info@survivorsnetwork.org.uk. You will be invited to have a short assessment about groupwork and be given more information.

Please be aware we have a waiting list for this service.

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