Pre Drop-In Workshops

Free regular workshops on different topics.

Please note that our Pre Drop-In Workshops are on hold for now.

We run free Pre Drop-in workshops fortnightly from 5pm – 6.45pm. They include talking and learning from each other as well as using the creative arts, with a different topic as the focus each session.

The workshops start at 5.15pm sharp at 6a Pavilion Buildings. Please arrive on time or a little earlier. Due to limited space in the room, our maximum number is 9 self-identifying women at each workshop.

Please note: Participants attending workshops won’t be asked to share any personal sexual violence/abuse experiences.

Workshops may be cancelled at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances. If you need to check, you can call the main office on 01273 203380 on the day of the workshop.

Please feel free to stay for the Drop-in later (7pm-9pm)!

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