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Blog | 16 September 2023

Three Easy (and Free) Ways to Fundraise

Looking for ways to help us raise money without it costing you a penny? Our Fundraising Officer Fiona lists some ways in which you can make a big difference.

Often when people think about supporting Survivors’ Network, they imagine signing up for a  marathon, putting on a bake sale or making a regular donation. Whilst we welcome all of these and would love to support you on your fundraising journey, we know that these take time, effort and often income that you might not always have. There are, however, plenty of ways to support survivors with minimal effort on your part. Here are just a few: 

  • Support us whilst doing your weekly shop 

Did you know you can raise money for Survivors’ Network by shopping at your favourite online stores? Easy Fundraising work with over 8000 brands to generate donations for charities meaning that whether you’re doing your weekly online grocery shop or making a special purchase, you’ll be helping to support survivors in Sussex.

Visit the Easy Fundraising website for more information.  

  • Support us when having a clear-out 

Do you have a drawer or jam jar filled with foreign coins or travel money from previous holidays? Would you consider donating that forgotten currency to help fund a good cause? Leftover Currency will exchange all currency, coins and notes and donate the exchange value plus 5% extra to Survivors’ Network. 

  • Support us when posting on social media 

Setting up a fundraiser on social media is a quick, easy and effective way of raising money and awareness for Survivors’ Network. Whether you choose to set up a birthday fundraiser on Facebook or add a fundraiser to an Instagram post, your followers and friends will be notified and can choose to make a donation. 

If you would like to find out more about fundraising for us please visit our Fundraise for Us page or have an informal chat with our Fundraising Officer at fiona@survivorsnetwork.org.uk.