Who we are

Meet our Director and Chair of Trustees and find out more about how we are run.

We are proud to be the Rape Crisis Centre for Sussex, providing support to survivors of sexual violence through a variety of services designed to meet different needs.

You can find out about our values here, and more about our history here.

The last year (2018-19) has been an incredibly busy and productive one for everyone at Survivors’ Network, as we continue to expand and develop our services, reaching a record number of survivors through a wider range of programmes and in more locations than ever before.

Referrals to our core services continue to rise, and with that, our waiting lists have also increased, but we have introduced a number of new support services, for example holding regular workshops and increasing the number of drop-ins offered. We are also developing more peer support groups, and are always looking at ways that we can continue to support as many people as possible.

This year, we launched our #OverToYou kitemark, a way for local businesses to show their commitment to a zero tolerance approach to sexual harassment in the workplace. We also hosted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their first visit to Brighton (see above right), as they shone a much-needed spotlight on the kind of services that we offer, and provided a voice for those who are often not heard.

Going forward, we will continue to seek funding, not only with an eye on expanding our existing team and services, but also as a way to start new projects and reach as many diverse parts of the community as possible. However, this is becoming increasingly difficult as economic and political pressures continue to affect the funding that is available, not only to us but to the charitable sector as a whole.

The next twelve months present an exciting but also challenging period, and as ever none of this would be possible without our amazing, dedicated and talented team of staff, and our incredible, tireless and enthusiastic volunteers.

Sharon Marks Chair of Trustees
Jay Breslaw Director

Our Trustees

Our Board of Trustees meets regularly, and is responsible for our strategic development, financial operations, and for ensuring we operate legally and meet Charity Commission requirements. The members of the board are:

  • Sharon Marks
  • Trisha Brandon
  • Sarah Tighe-Ford
  • Val Cartei
  • Cara Bushell
  • Rachael Forsyth
  • Veronika Neroj

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