Children & Young People

It can be difficult to go through sexual abuse or assault, no matter how old you are, but if you are under 18, there may particular things you are worried about.

We offer a number of different services for children and young people of any gender including:

  • Young People’s Counselling (14 to 18-year-olds of any gender)
  • Young People’s ISVA Worker (14 to 18-year-olds of any gender)
  • Children’s ISVA Worker (children aged 13 and under and their families)
  • Our peer support group is accessible to self-identifying women and girls who are aged 16+
  • Our Helpline is available for survivors of any gender who are aged 14+
  • Psycho-educational groups, Art & Therapy Groups
  • Workshops in primary and secondary schools
  • Facilitated sessions in Colleges and Universities

We provide some art and therapy groups specifically for people aged under 18.

Supporting young survivors

Find out about our services for young people from our lovely staff.

A Young Survivor’s Story

Meet a young survivor who accessed our services.

We have lots of resources designed to support you with a range of topics, including a comprehensive self-help guide.