Whatever stage you are at after rape or sexual assault, whether you are already receiving support from Survivors’ Network or not, you may find the following resources helpful. If you would like these resources in a different format, please get in touch.

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Survivors Self Help Guide

The Survivors Self Help Guide is for survivors of rape or sexual abuse who want to understand and process their own personal reactions to their experience.

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Interactive Grounding Techniques

Use this specialised resource to learn about useful grounding techniques.


Grounding techniques

Three Grounding Techniques posters


Creative Control Exhibition on Latest TV

A video about our powerful art exhibition exploring responses to rape and abuse.


Creative Control Exhibition

A quick look around ‘Creative Control’, a Survivors’ Network exhibition.

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Guide for lesbian and bisexual women affected by sexual violence

Our aim is to provide an overview of the basics and to help you find the support you need.


Supporting trans* survivors of sexual violence

Between June and October 2013 Survivors’ Network conducted research into potential barriers to service access by trans* survivors.

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Rape myths

There are many inaccurate, commonly held rape myths and narratives based on myths about rape.