Whatever stage you are at after rape or sexual assault, whether you are already receiving support from Survivors’ Network or not, you may find the following resources helpful. If you would like these resources in a different format, please get in touch.


LGBTQ+ Resources

Resources, support and information for LGBTQ+ survivors & for improving allyship to LGBTQ folks


How can survivor support services meet the needs of trans and non-binary survivors?

A report for survivor services on meeting the needs of trans and non-binary survivors of sexual violence.

Help guide

Medical Appointment Information Sheet

A document which you can bring to medical appointments to help the medical practitioner know best how to support you.

Help guide

Crisis Support

Crisis support signposting and information as we are not a crisis service.

Help guide

Helplines & Webchat Services

Local and national helplines and webchats for survivors.

LinkOnline Resource

Anti-racism Resources

Start your anti-racist journey, or pick up some new tips, with these resources collated by our team who believe education is imperative to anti-racism.

LinkOnline Resource

Online resources available during social distancing and self-isolation

Master post of websites, help guides and activities available online while people are self-isolating or social distancing.

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Cervical screening after sexual violence

Use this link for support and guidance from Rape Crisis and Jo’s Trust around cervical smear tests.