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Helpline & Email Service

Would you like to talk to someone who understands? We are here to listen to, believe and support you.

What is our Helpline & Email Service?

Our Helpline & Email Service offers open-ended emotional support and signposting to other support services. It is not a therapeutic service, but we will listen to, believe and support you. This service is run by our team of fully trained, self-identified women volunteers.

Who is it for?

This Service is open to people of any gender aged 14+ years who have experienced sexual violence, abuse and/or harassment, no matter when or how it happened. It is also open to supporters of survivors (such as parents, partners or friends) and professionals of any gender looking for support and advice.

When is it open?

Mondays from 7-9pm and Wednesdays from 12-1.30pm

How do I get in touch?

​Call us on 01273 720 110 or email us at help@survivorsnetwork.org.uk.

Callers can call every Monday and/or Wednesday on an ongoing basis (but only once per session). You are free to stay on the phone for up to 45 minutes and can end the conversation at any point. You do not need to book an appointment, just pick up the phone and call within the above opening times. If you can’t get through, you can leave a message on our answer phone and we will reply during the next session.

Emailers can send an email at any time, and we’ll respond during the Helpline & Email Service opening times. Emailers are responded to once during each session.

What if I need help outside of these helpline hours?

​For the national 24/7 helpline, Call Rape Crisis England & Wales on 0808 500 222 or visit their website to access their live chat. 


Further Information

Is this service confidential?toggle accordion content

Our Helpline & Email Service is confidential*. You do not have to give us your name or any other information about you. You can remain completely anonymous if you prefer.

We will record that your call or email was received but only take your first name, if you choose to give it to us, and brief details about the email.  We may record other non-identifying information should you choose to give it to us.

Details of conversations are shared within Survivors’ Network: we make notes about each conversation, but we are very careful to make sure that this information is not passed on to anybody else externally. As new volunteers come onto the service, part of their training is to listen to calls to learn from experienced volunteers. If you would prefer this not to happen during your call, please check with the volunteer you are speaking with and they will make sure this does not occur.

Please note that our number may show up on your phone bills.

*It may be necessary to break confidentiality and share information where there is a serious risk of harm to a particular person or persons or to the safety and well-being of the organisation. If possible, we will always discuss this with you first, and encourage you to participate in any further action taken. For more information, please see our relevant policies regarding confidentiality, data protection and supporting suicidal survivors here.

Who else can I call?toggle accordion content

​If you’re not sure whether our Helpline & Email Service can offer the support you need, or if you need support when our Helpline & Email Service is not open, there are lots of other services out there. See our list of alternative Helplines & Webchat services here.

Can I volunteer with this service?toggle accordion content

Yes! We regularly recruit and train self-identified women into frontline volunteer roles to help deliver our Helpline & Email Service and online and in-person Groupwork sessions. Find out how you can become a volunteer here.

Need more information about this service?toggle accordion content

For more information please contact our Volunteer-led Services Coordinator, Katie on katie@survivorsnetwork.org.uk or call 01273 203380.

Please can you spare a few minutes to answer some quick questions about the Survivors’ Network Helpline service? We value your feedback to ensure we provide the best possible service to you. The survey is anonymous.