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News | 28 July 2023

Change the Culture - Unique Training Sessions

Learn from frontline experts on the prevalence and realities of sexual violence, to help you in your professional or personal life.

Every Spring and Autumn, we host individual sign-up versions of our most popular training packages. While these packages are available to be booked for in-house delivery in workplaces, our Change the Culture sessions are held over Zoom at fixed times, allowing individuals and groups of smaller sizes to access our training offering.

This is an exciting opportunity to learn from frontline experts on the prevalence and realities of sexual violence, whether that might help you in your professional or personal life.

You can sign up for these sessions via Eventbrite and, after the session, you will receive a certificate of completion as well as the training slides and any relevant resources discussed in the session.

Here’s some more information about the sessions we have coming up:

Sexual Violence and the Legal SystemThis training day has been designed to develop participants’ knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice process, and what may arise when someone reports an experience of sexual violence to the police.

The session will offer participants the opportunity to explore the criminal justice journey, as well as begin to consider the barriers which many groups may face when interacting with this system.

At Survivors’ Network we offer specialist independent support to survivors throughout the criminal justice process, so we are able to offer unique, trauma-informed insights to what can be unfamiliar and sometimes seemingly complex processes.



Responding to First DisclosuresPeople working directly with the general public may at some point be the person that a survivor of sexual violence first talks to about their abuse. Would you or members of your team know how to react / what to say / what not to say / what your legal duty is / where to signpost?

This session gives an overview of what to do when a person first discloses an incident or history of sexual violence, as well as practical advice about how to support an individual disclosing abuse.



Self-Care and Vicarious traumaThis session has been designed to develop participants’ knowledge and understanding of vicarious trauma, secondary trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout.

The course explores the signs and symptoms of each and the impact they can have on us as individuals, as well as on our work and workplace.

The session discusses the benefits of self-care; the barriers to self-care and the various forms self-care might take. Participants will have the opportunity to learn stress management techniques and develop their own personal self-care kit.



Pre Trial ConditionsThe term ‘pre-trial’ therapy refers to therapy in which the client has an open police investigation that may lead to a criminal trial. Following pre-trial therapy guidelines is essential when supporting clients, so as to not adversely affect the outcome of their court case.

This session explores key issues related to supporting pre-trial clients, increases understanding of the criminal justice system, challenges misconceptions that can create barriers for pre-trial clients and shares tools and techniques for working effectively with pre-trial clients.



Trauma and the Brain

The experience and impact of trauma are not widely understood, which often leads to myths and misunderstandings in society, with significant implications for how this is lived and perceived.

Individuals who experience traumatic events will react in different ways.

This session explores key issues related to the experience of trauma, increases understanding of the physiology of the traumatic experience, helps participants to understand how the perception of trauma impacts functioning and shares information, tools and resources that may assist in supporting those who have experienced trauma.


Impact of Sexual Violence

The impact of rape and sexual assault is varied and complex. Individuals react in different ways at different times and in the same way that no two people are the same, each person who has experienced sexual violence will react in a different way. Learning about the impact of rape and sexual assault will help anyone working with or supporting a survivor to gain a better understanding of what they may be experiencing.