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Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Reclaim your body through yoga and mindfulness.

After my trauma I didn’t know how to breathe anymore. Since joining this group, I learn't how to breathe again.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Attendee

What are our Trauma Sensitive Yoga classes?

Yoga has an amazing capacity to heal, empower ourselves, engage our bodies, and remember our connection to the world.

With the tools yoga offers us we can clarify the mind, detoxify the body and have more energy to show up in the world with a joyful and open heart.

These yoga classes are suitable for all shapes, sizes and abilities. Yoga is for everybody with every body type and is a pathway for us to grow and expand so that we can feel more connected, confident and present in our lives.

Who is it for?

These classes are for existing or past service users who are self-identified women aged 18+ years. 

When are the classes held?

These classes are currently being delivered online via Zoom on Thursday afternoon’s between 1 -2pm

Do I have to pay for this service?

The class is FREE for self-identified women who access support through Survivors’ Network.

How do I access this service?

To book your place on a class, please contact the Project Yoga Instructor Lucy by email on lucy@survivorsnetwork.org.uk.