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Blog | 08 March 2021

Happy International Women’s Day

Celebrate and challenge with us on this important day

Happy International Women’s Day to all of our lovely supporters!

​We look forward to the day when International Women’s Day doesn’t have to be used to remind people of the injustices women face on a daily basis, or to face challenges to who “counts” as a woman that inevitably end up hurting all of us, trans & cis alike – but rather that it can be a day of celebration of womanhood, of the incredible achievements women have made throughout history, and how we have consistently overcome adversity​.

But that conversation requires equality for ALL women – and we are certainly not there yet.

Here are some ways folks are tackling injustice through creativity, fundraising and awareness raising:

  • FemFest is running all of this week, with feminist theatre, short films, poetry and workshops – with Still Not Getting It & the Feminist Bookshop event raising money for our work, along with these beautiful Brighton-based postcards!
  • Kino London’s Short Film Festival, The People’s Film Festival, includes a powerful short film all about the “Rape Clause” which is nominated for five awards! Join us on Wednesday at 6pm live on our FB page to watch the film, followed by a Q&A with the director, star, and our own ISVA co-ordinator – sign up for the event here.
  • Seabirds Ltd are encouraging folks to pair up, dress as a famous trail blazing woman, and get in the sea! Their sponsorship page to support our work is here.
  • And we’re running our Crowdfunder until 23rd March, in the hopes we can fund a library of training and resources to tackle sexual violence before it happens.