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Blog | 02 February 2021

How the Helpline has adapted

Changes we've made since Lockdown #1

We understand the importance of survivors of all genders having a space to speak about their experiences. We recognise this may be more challenging than ever during lockdown, with many groups and supportive spaces having to close, as well as not being able to see trusted friends and family.

Throughout the pandemic, Survivors’ Network has aimed to adapt its services to ensure survivors have a way of being heard. While we may have had to pause our in-person support, we have been able to expand our Helpline service to support survivors of all genders, across Sussex.

In response to our face-to-face groups being suspended, we now have an email support service where survivors of all genders (aged 14 and above) can seek support, tell their story and receive a supportive, helpful response from someone at Survivors’ Network. Survivors can email at any time. We will reply during email support hours and send one response per session. The email support is open ended meaning survivors can use the service for as long as needed.

We still have our helpline where survivors can speak to a member of Survivors’ Network for up to 30 minutes. This support is also open-ended meaning survivors can call for 30 minutes every session. Our staff and volunteers are there to listen, give emotional support and signpost to other services if necessary. This service is also open to all genders aged 14 and above.

Both these services are anonymous.

It is our hope that we provide services that survivors feel they can use, even during these challenging times, and that we can adapt to the changing circumstances in a way that feels empowering and supportive.

We are here and ready to listen, through lockdown and beyond.

The Helpline is open on Wednesdays from 12-2pm on 01273 720 110.

We are not currently open on a Wednesday night.

โ€‹You can speak to a trained female volunteer or staff member for up to 30 minutes.

Our email support is still open. Please emailย help@survivorsnetwork.org.uk at any time, for a reply during email support hours on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12-2pm.

Find out more about our Helpline & Email Support and how it runs here