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Blog | 26 January 2023

Introducing our brand new male ISVA service

Giving male identifying survivors the freedom to chose their ISVA.

We are proud to have always provided support for ALL survivors of sexual violence, irrespective of gender, age, race, religion, or background. 

We are now thrilled to announce that we have recruited our first male ISVA.

ISVA stands for ‘Independent Sexual Violence Advisor’ and acts as an integral service for survivors of sexual violence or abuse who are thinking of (or already have) reported their experiences to the police. Their role is to support you through the criminal justice process.  

Photo of a self-identifying older man practising mindfulness meditation. The man has light Black skin and grey facial hair. The man is wearing a green hat, grey activewear and black headphones. He is sitting outside surrounded by nature and has his eyes closed.

For many people, the Criminal Justice System can be complicated to understand. Having a highly trained ISVA by your side can make the process less daunting and even help you protect your rights within the legal system. 

We recognise the unique needs of male survivors and want anyone who uses our service to feel as comfortable as possible.

CLICK HERE to read more into what our ISVA’s do and who they support.