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News | 22 April 2020

ISVA Service Update

Our Independent Sexual Violence Advisors are still here to offer you support during these challenging times. If you have any uncertainty about reporting sexual violence and receiving support to do so, here’s some info from us:

  • The police can still take reports and they will investigate. It might take a bit longer at the moment, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested, will forget or drop it, or don’t think it is serious. If the assault or abuse is more recent, then they may still undertake certain tasks (like a video interview).
  • If you are concerned that reporting will reveal that you have broken the rules around social distancing, please still reach out to our service for support and guidance and we can talk this over with you, without any judgement.
  • If you are unsure about reporting, for this or any other reason, our ISVA team can help. You can self-refer for ISVA support on our website (link in the bio), or contact us on referrals@survivorsnetwork.org.uk or at 01273 203380.
  • Our ISVA team can help with: support with communicating with the police, including getting started with making a report to them; answering questions if you have reported to the police but are unsure of next steps or could do with additional support, or you’ve not heard back in a while and are not sure how to follow things up. Also, where appropriate, if you want to pass on information about something that has happened to you, but don’t want to make a full police report, we can take this from you and pass this on to the police whilst keeping you anonymous. There is more information on our website about Third Party Anonymous Reports.
  • Our ISVAs support people of all ages and genders. We will listen to you, and help you to navigate what is understandably a very challenging time. We are here for you, even in lockdown. Please reach out and let us help. We are “Independent” in the sense that we know about police processes, can offer support around this, we may liaise with the police as part of someone’s support, but we do not work for the police. We are here to support you; this is our focus and priority.

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