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News | 25 November 2020

Join us on our birthday in saying #IBelieveSurvivors

Today is our thirtieth anniversary!

Thirty years of working with survivors, and hearing about how important being believed is for their healing journey, inspired us to launch a campaign today to say #IBelieveSurvivors

​Lots of wonderful supporters over on Instagram are sharing this message, with their own words of belief and support. They are standing with us together in saying “I believe you, and I believe in you”. They know that we live in a society that routinely undermines, disbelieves and disregards survivor experiences, where all too often people are not supported when they speak up.

Will you join us in breaking that silence?

All you need to do is share a post of the image below on social media, or yourself holding a sign that says “I believe in you”, tag us and (if you can) donate here.

​​Let’s come together on this special day to let survivors know: you don’t have to face this journey alone.