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News | 01 February 2021

Our New Vision and Mission

Statement from CEO Jay Breslaw

Last November we celebrated a big birthday having supported survivors for 30 years. What an achievement! Recently we have seen significant year on year growth and in September 2020, we decided that the time was right to review our vision and mission and to set our ambitious 5 year plan.

We consulted with staff, volunteers, service users, trustees and other stakeholders and everyone agreed that whilst service delivery was a core part of our mission, it was also crucial to recognise the importance of getting our message out, sharing our knowledge, disputing rape myths, standing alongside survivors so they do not feel alone, supporting grass roots organisations and challenging those in positions of power to do better.

In addition to this, we want to model a different way of running an organisation where our service users, volunteers and staff all feel supported to be the best that they can be, and to work together with individuals, organisations, commissioners and community members to unite to make a difference collectively. We know that with the scale of sexual violence, assault and harassment, we cannot make an impact on our own and we need to draw everyone together.

I am really proud of our new vision and mission. I feel inspired to lead the organisation through the 2020’s to achieve great things, in the knowledge that we have such great people supporting us.

Jay Breslaw, CEO

Our new vision: Uniting to confront sexual violence, abuse and harassment so that no one has to face the impacts alone

Our new mission:

  • Delivering accessible, survivor-centred services across Sussex
  • Empowering our communities to stand up against sexual violence, abuse and harassment through education, training and campaigning
  • Demonstrating and advocating for intersectional feminist leadership