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News | 06 March 2019

Pre Trial Therapy Training: Silencing or Empowering the Client?

Monday 25th March, Brighton

Monday 25th March from 9.30am – 4.30pm at our premises in the centre of Brighton.

The term ‘pre-trial’ therapy refers to therapy in which the client has an open police investigation that is likely to lead to a criminal trial. Following pre-trial therapy guidelines is essential when supporting clients, so as to not adversely affect the outcome of their court case. Public discourse around sexual and domestic violence, such as the #MeToo movement, has led to an increase in reports to the police and involvement in the criminal justice system. An awareness of pre-trial therapy guidance has never been more relevant to therapists and professionals supporting vulnerable people.

This training is ideal for counsellors, psychotherapists and professionals working in a supporting role with clients in the criminal justice system.

For more information

For more information on this training, to book a place or if you have questions about other training we offer, please contact us on admin@survivorsnetwork.org.uk

1. Course content

Understanding the criminal justice system

  • Clients as vulnerable/intimidated witnesses
  • Stakeholders: who is involved and what are the implications for therapy?
  • Practice guidance for provision of therapy
  • Case studies

Therapeutic implications

  • Challenges to therapeutic alliance
  • Pre-trial therapy: silencing or empowering the client
  • Note-taking

2. Learning objectives

  • To explore key issues related to supporting pre-trial clients
  • To increase understanding of the criminal justice system, in relation to vulnerable witnesses
  • To challenge misconceptions that can create barriers for pre-trial clients
  • To share tools and techniques to help us work more effectively with pre-trial clients

3. Who is it for

Any counsellor/psychotherapist or professional working in a support role, particularly where clients are likely to be involved in the criminal justice system. Essential for those supporting survivors of sexual or domestic violence.