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News | 23 June 2020

Sexual harassment is unacceptable

Please do reach out for support if you experience it.

We are aware of increased conversations online around people being sexually harassed or experiencing persistent unwelcome behaviour in public spaces like Brighton beach.

This can be a distressing experience, and is unacceptable. We want you to know that we believe you, and that we are here for you if you need us.

You can call our Helpline on Mondays and Wednesdays 12-2pm: 07928 818130 / 07526 074 753 / 01273 720 110. You can also email any day on help@survivorsnetwork.org.uk – we’ll respond in Helpline hours.

We also have support resources on our website here which you may find helpful.

With any crimes of a sexual nature, if you feel able to you can report to the police via 101 or online. In an emergency please do call 999.

​Alongside responding to what has happened to you, reporting these crimes can help the police to identify suspects or hotspots and help create better understanding of what’s happening locally.

It is always up to you if you want to report to the police or not. Our services are open to you regardless.