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News | 06 June 2018

Transphobia in Brighton

Statement from Survivors’ Network regarding transphobia in Brighton

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In light of a highly disturbing increase of transphobia locally and nationally, Survivors’ Network would like to publicly state our support for the transgender and non-binary community in Brighton and to express our deep sadness and concern about an event being held in Brighton in the week of Trans Pride.

Trans Pride weekend is a hugely important event for our city and community, so the date of this event feels like a concerted effort to make trans people, and particularly trans women in this case, feel uncomfortable, intimidated and invalidated.

As an organisation supporting survivors of sexual violence we are particularly aware of the extreme vulnerability of those within the trans community and the challenges that they can face in accessing safe spaces and other support, and as a women’s organisation that recognises trans women as women (and has long welcomed trans women in our women-only spaces without incident), we feel it is particularly important to state that the organisers of the event do not speak for us, and that we oppose transphobia in our city.

We look forward to attending Trans Pride and the Trans & Non-Binary Conference with our stall, as we have done every year, to reassuring trans women that we will do everything we can to make our spaces as safe for them as for anyone else, to meeting even more of our vibrant and generous community and to doing our bit to remind you all that we support all our sisters, not just our cis-ters.