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News | 22 February 2021

Uniting Against Sexual Violence

Help create lasting change today

At every community event we have held, we’ve heard the same thing: we need better education.

Better education around relationships, consent, respect and safety for children…

…but also education for teens & adults who feel ill-equipped to tackle sexism, sexual violence and conversations about their own boundaries.

It’s always been a dilemma for us, as an organisation which is already overwhelmed trying to support people in the aftermath of sexual violence.

In the last year or so, though, we started thinking more critically. What do we hope to achieve as an organisation? Isn’t part of our purpose to create a world where we aren’t needed any more?

So we sat down and looked at our vision and mission. And we spoke to each other, as staff and volunteers and counsellors – and most importantly, to service users – and realised that actually, prevention work HAS to be part of what we do if we are ever going to live in a world without violence.

But we also realised – there are so many dedicated, smart people in our community who share our goal. Activists, campaigners, survivors, feminists who want to help.

We know so much about these issues: we support survivors every day, and we see the ways that systems fail, the trauma that engaging in this topic can bring, the complexity of recovery. We want to be able to share all of that knowledge with you, the real change makers.

So here we are – knowing that we are so busy with responsive support for survivors, and knowing that there is a wealth of passion, drive and intelligence in our community that would thrive if they could only access our expertise and support.

Where do we go from here?

Towards a kinder world, together, if all goes to plan!

We have launched a crowd-funder to help equip YOU with the resources you need to change the world – whether through campaigning, learning how to take care of yourself as a survivor or gaining the tools to support your loved ones.

If you can help raise £2,500 by the 23rd of March we will be able to start the journey of funding a library of resources, a body of training and support, and a range of workshops…all with the goal of empowering YOU.

Everything you do has an impact.

Every share of our crowdfunder link helps us to reach more people.

Every donation, even just £1, helps us towards the £2,500 goal.

We can’t wait to build these resources with you, and take the first steps towards a world where we aren’t needed anymore.

Follow this link to donate and share!