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Women’s Lived Experience Network

Join this exciting journey - together, we can help create a healthier future for women in Sussex!

We’re seeking diverse voices to shape and improve women’s healthcare by guiding various initiatives within the NHS. Your lived experiences are key to ensuring our network is responsive, inclusive, and effective.

As part of an ongoing project, led by NHS Sussex, we have created a network of self-identifying women across Sussex to give their feedback and reflect on other needs from our local NHS services.

Find out more about this project here:

Important Details

Who can join this group? toggle accordion content

We are currently recruiting self-identifying women aged 16+ who live in East and West Sussex. We encourage those from the TNBI community and marginalised ethnic groups to apply.

When and where are the monthly meetings held? Is there a hybrid option?toggle accordion content

Tentatively, the meetings will be held in the first week of every month from 5 to 7 pm. These will be held in person at a Brighton location. However, in the event that you are unable to join in person on a specific day, a hybrid option will be available. We particularly welcome attendees from outside of Brighton as their presence will contribute to a more comprehensive representation of Sussex.

Is the location in Brighton accessible?toggle accordion content

Yes, the meetings will take place in a venue that is readily accessible

Is attendance mandatory for every meeting? How much commitment is expected from participants?toggle accordion content

Commitment is a key aspect of WLEN membership. However, we recognise that, on occasion, unforeseen circumstances may prevent attendance at a meeting. In such cases, we value transparent and timely communication by email (or through your preferred method of contact). Similarly, if you need to terminate your
membership at any time during the year.

Is there a set duration for involvement?toggle accordion content

Yes, the defined duration for active participation extends for 9 months, concluding in November 2024.

Is remuneration offered / are expenses covered?toggle accordion content

Remuneration is offered to participants as a token of appreciation. However, it is essential to note that accepting this payment counts as income, which may have implications for tax and benefit entitlements. If you choose to accept payment, please be aware that expenses will not be covered. However, should you decide to opt-out of payment, expenses may still be reimbursed up to the equivalent amount offered for remuneration.

How will the network’s input guide various initiatives within the NHS?toggle accordion content

Your engagement in the network will play a pivotal role in guiding diverse initiatives within the NHS. For instance, your ideas and experiences will inform the creation of a virtual directory. By sharing your insights, you will contribute to the creation of healthcare solutions that are inclusive and tailored to the unique needs of women in Sussex. Your input will serve as a crucial driver, helping to align NHS’s various initiatives with the real-world experiences of the community.

How will information and updates be communicated to participants?toggle accordion content

Information and updates will be communicated via email. Additionally, it is important for members to remain contactable and responsive between meetings, as occasional online communication may be necessary to share
updates and collaboratively address unexpected issues. If you have a preference for an alternative form of contact, such as telephone or post, please inform us, and we can make suitable arrangements.

Is there a designated point of contact for questions or concerns?toggle accordion content

If you have any questions or concerns, please email sara@survivorsnetwork.org.uk.

How do I apply to join the Women's Lived Experience Network?toggle accordion content

If you are interested in joining the WLEN, please fill out this Short Form: HERE. Please note that completing this form does not guarantee
membership in the Network.