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News | 11 August 2020

New Project with Switchboard

Working with the trans, non-binary and intersex community

We are delighted to be setting up a project with Switchboard to support trans, non-binary and intersex survivors of sexual violence in Brighton and Hove. This project is trans-led and is in the early stages.

As part of this process, we’d like to make contact with more people from the trans, non-binary and/or intersex communities to hold interviews to gather thoughts to help inform the shape the project takes. These interviews will be open to all trans, non-binary and intersex people in the UK regardless of survivor status. We are particularly interested in hearing from Black people, homeless people, people of colour, people of faith, sex workers, survivors of sexual violence and people from the intersex community.

The interviews will be held between 20th August and 3rd September. Interviews can be done via video call, voice call or be written. We can be flexible depending on the needs of participants. If you’d feel most comfortable talking to a trans interviewer, that can be arranged. While this project is about supporting survivors, we will not be asking questions about traumatic experiences.

This project is run by Switchboard and Survivors’ Network, and funded by the SafeSpace Sussex Funding Network, from the office of the Police & Crime Commissioner. We don’t share any identifiable data with the PCC, and we know that many TNBI survivors choose not to report their experiences or take a criminal justice route. We’re interested in exploring and creating ways that survivors can heal and support one another independently of the criminal justice system.

If you might be interested, you can get in touch to find out more by emailing: ruairi.white@switchboard.org.uk or kitty@survivorsnetwork.org.uk

are you trans, non-binary or intersex? would you like to be interviewed about a project supporting survivors of sexual violence and/or abuse? Get in touch to find out more!