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Bringing together survivors and supporters to create a banner of solidarity.

Inspired by a creative project from Survivors’ Network’s past, where a banner was made when the organisation was created for adult survivors of sexual abuse, we want to create a modern message of solidarity through the arts.

We invite you to write/sew/embroider/cut+stick a square with your own message of love and solidarity to survivors everywhere. Each square will be sewn together to create a banner to broadcast our solidarity to the world.

We will continue the project through 2019, in the hopes that our completed banner will be carried at the annual Reclaim the Night demonstration in November.

  • If you would like to join the project please come along to one of our stalls/events, or sew and send in a (minimum 15cm x 15cm) square with a pale purple, cream or white background to 6a Pavilion Buildings, Brighton, BN1 1EE.
Our original Survivors’ Network banner from the 1990’s.

You can get involved in many of our projects at the events we attend and run. Find out if we have any upcoming events here.