Blog | 20 March 2020

Online resources available during social distancing and self-isolation

In this difficult time, it may be useful to know about some of the amazing resources available online to help you out if you're having to social distance or self-isolate. We’ve curated a master-post of online resources, from mental health self-care to ways you can feel like you’ve left the house. We hope they help.

Helplines & Web-Chats


  • Stop Breathe Think – Check in with how you’re feeling, and try short activities tuned to your emotions. 
  • Headspace – mindfulness tools for your everyday life  
  • Stay Alive App from Grassroots Suicide Prevention 
  • CalmHarm Self harm support app 
  • Insight timer : meditation app
  • Happiful: a wellness directory app of qualified professionals who offer support with well-being and mental health.

How to Help/Find Help (Covid-19 specific)

Mental Health Self Care

Physical Self Care

Keep Your Children Occupied & Learning

Financial Advice

  • The Citizens Advice Bureau – They offer support around benefits, work and finances/debt, amongst other things
  • Step Change – Debt advice
  • Money Advice Plus – Advice on money and debt, including for survivors of domestic abuse
  • Turn2Us – Offering support for people experiencing financial hardship in the form of grants and sometimes items for the home as needed.
  • Money Saving Expert – helpful on ways to save money

Ambient noises 

  • Rainy Mood – Allows you to play rain, with suggestions of ambient music to play at the same time. 
  • Coffitivity – The background noise of a coffee shop. Allows you to choose between different locations such as lunchtime lounge, morning murmur etc. 
  • Purrli – Purrrr of a cat! Lots of ways to adjust this to your preference. 
  • Snow emulator – Visually beautiful falling snow, the website gives you the opinion to play music with the scenery, or to choose your own. 
  • Rain For Me – Simple rain effects with the option to download the audio files for offline listening. 
  • Rainy Café – Combines the sounds of a bustling cafe setting with the sounds of drizzling rain. 
  • White Noise  – White noise can be soothing.

Distraction/Soothing Games  

Learn something new 

Stave off boredom 

We hope that these help you to stay grounded, entertained and able to get through the coming weeks. These are unusual times, but there is kindness in our community and a wealth of fun, engaging and interesting things to do online! 

If you have any resources you think we should add, send them through to Caitlin on caitlin@survivorsnetwork.org.uk 

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