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Whatever stage you are at after rape or sexual assault, whether you are already receiving support from Survivors' Network or not, you may find the following resources helpful.


This self help guide is for survivors of rape or sexual abuse who want to understand and process their own personal reactions to their experience. When you have suffered rape or sexual abuse it can affect how you think, how you feel, how you behave and how you see the world. We also have a copy of this guide in Urdu, which can be found here


If you are a professional, or the parent, friend or partner of a survivor of sexual violence you may need information and support too. The self help guide is helpful for supporters as well as survivors, but we also have a supporter's guide here.


We also have a Pinterest board based around the concept of "changing the culture" which has a resources section that may be of interest. You can find it here. If you want some simple self care motivation, you can find our self care board here.


You can find some more specific resources below. These sheets can either be read online, or downloaded and printed.


If you have just been assaulted


Third Party (Anonymous) Reporting


Self Harm and Self Injury




Panic Attacks


Supporting Survivors of Sexual Assault or Abuse


Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D)


Rape Myths


Self-care techniques for women impacted by exposure to sexual violence media coverage


Research into the barriers faced by Trans* survivors of sexual violence : Executive Summary & Full Article


A guide for lesbian and bisexual women who have been affected by sexual violence (with thanks to The Lesbian and Gay Foundation)


Information, support and resources from The Counselling Directory


Support resources on abuse of daughters by their mothers, from Making Daughters Safe Again


Grounding Techniques: Mental, Physical, Soothing