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News | 21 January 2021

Survivors’ Network Service Update

21 January 2021

In these uncertain times, support for survivors is more important than ever. We are working to keep our services running in a way that keeps you and our staff as safe as possible.

Our qualified staff team are still here for you, offering therapeutic support, support with the criminal justice system, and general survivor support via the helpline and email system.

As you all know, these are unpredictable and fast-changing times. We are doing our best to keep up, and to adapt in a way that is safe for everyone.

Thank you so much for your patience in these difficult times we are all facing.

If you need phone support on days/times that our Helpline is not running, we have a list of available helplines and webchats. We also have a list of crisis support options. In an emergency situation, please dial 999.

And this bears repeating:

Even in difficult times, you do not have to face them alone. We may not be able to support you face-to-face, but we are doing everything we can to help via phone, email and online resources. We believe you, and hope we can support you in a way that keeps everyone as safe as possible.